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"TBA Mortgage Master's exception-based pool-turns and pool subs make for high through-put on 48 hour day."

Joe Kohanik, Managing Partner

We have both primary and regional fixed income dealer clients with monthly volumes from $1 billion to $180 billion.  We service these clients via our ten-plus year partnership with FIS Global.  Although sell-side firms do have manual processing, when compared to our competition, TBA Mortgage Master brings a much higher degree of automated through-put.  In addition, average human capital resources are less than three, while our competition requires two-three times more overhead to process similar trade volumes.  

Embracing automation in U.S. MBS dealer operations and continuing to evolve requires both a current technology platform paired with strong fixed income industry knowledge.  In the Age of Automation, Alpha Financial Software is the future of fixed income dealer MBS Ops automation. 

Key Features

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