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Alpha enhances Tradeweb Round Robins

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Alpha enhances Tradeweb Round Robins

BOSTON, MADecember 14, 2022 – Alpha Financial Software (AFS), the fintech leader in U.S Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Clearance and Settlement AUTOMATION, today announces further straight-through-processing enhancements for Tradeweb Round Robins.

"Our existing real-time FIX integration eliminates any need for front-office assistance. These enhancements make for tighter, more efficient operational workflows," says Joe Kohanik, Managing Partner.

Enhancement #1: Block Level Order/Execution flows

Since 2010, TBA Mortgage Master has performed automated Tradeweb Round Robins at the account allocations level. Now, clients have the option to perform Round Robins at the block level. For those clients who might have 50-250 account allocations per block, TBA Mortgage Master significantly reduces the order/execution messaging.

Enhancement #2: Automated Account Cancel/Corrects

Asset managers have account trade revisions. For some firms, this might mean manual processing in multiple systems. AFS clients have always been able to automate account revisions through Alpha's API. Now, TBA Mortgage Master automatically takes these revisions and sends cancel/corrects to Tradeweb for the associated accounts. This means that clients can make account revisions in one place, suppose their OMS, and TBA Mortgage Master will automatically adjust Tradeweb, no touch... and no chance for human error!

Enhancement #3: Automation Run-time Flexibility

The majority of AFS's asset management clients off-set their TBA trades and report to the dealers in real-time, which drives more efficiencies dealer operations and with client margining. As AFS grows, in order to accommodate the slight nuances of client TBA order/execution, AFS has added automation run-time flexibility. "The ability to load trades and any revisions intraday, but clear and report the off-sets on demand or "prior-to-close," every day, significantly reduces risk for our clients," says Igor Kopeikin, Managing Partner.

About Alpha Financial Software

Alpha Financial Software was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing straight-through-processing automation of U.S. Agency TBA trading to both buy-side and sell-side financial firms. Alpha Financial software provides full lifecycle MBS clearance and settlement solutions to automate front, middle and back-office. Built by veteran fixed income professionals who marry practical experience with advanced technology, Alpha Financial Software supports a broad range of financial services clients trading the MBS/OTC markets.


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